Data Science

How You Harness Your Data Matters

Collect, clean, organize, and analyze large data sets to identify business problems and develop actionable insights. Data science makes a marked difference in productivity, decision-making, and product development, helping businesses minimize or eradicate the risk of fraud or error, or increasing efficiency and providing improved customer service.

Measuring Efficiency

Measuring internal data is critical to understand how well technology solutions are performing. Backed by reliable data, organizations can precisely gauge performance against competitors, up to the moment or by studying long term trends. High-quality data provides a solid basis for measuring efficiency and effectiveness, helping you streamline bottlenecks of all kinds. Diagnostic analytics are delivered using both dashboards and reports. They provide Predictive and prescriptive analytics using Python.
This includes data cleansing, transformations, aggregations, visualizations of data relationships
and developing predictive models.

Through data science we provide intuitive insights
to enable businesses to make key decisions.
Logistics professionals can run what-if scenarios
to understand the impact of a given business
decision or uncover actionable answers to key
questions such as:

Which clients offer the best opportunities for revenue growth?

  Which routes or accessorials are the most in demand?

  Which carriers are underperforming?

An Expert Toolkit

The Logistics Studio data science team employs both bedrock and cutting edge technologies including Python, ETL (Extrication Transformation & Load) tools, SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), Informatica and Datastage Reports/Dashboards with Power BIand Tableau.

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